Always Be Ready

This week’s Blog is about what makes us reach for our pointy stick(s) and string. I am thrilled when I walk into an appointment and see another fellow fibre enthusiast working away on a project and part of what makes that happen is always being ready.

If you are like me there are several projects in one stage or another ready to go. Some are more complicated than others and need quiet, alone time to make sure they are a success. Others are mindless whether that be a simple garter stitch pattern, a “vanilla sock” or a stockinette shawl. You know what rhythm works for you.

Plan a project that is travel worthy. This would be one that has a simple or memorized pattern that much like a good friend, although not visited for a while, you pick up right where you left off without missing a beat. For me there are 2 projects that fit that category. The first is a vanilla sock. I have done so many now that they are mindless and timeless. I always choose a yarn that is ready to shine rather than the sock itself. It is easy to see (no black yarn here) and fun to watch as the project progresses. My second project is a cowl that a friend recommended from Ravelry. It is a free pattern called “Co-Pilot” by Dominique Trad 

Co-Pilot Pattern 

It is interesting enough to keep my attention and yet intuitive enough to allow me to pick up and put down as required. Nestled in a project bag for safe keeping in my purse the colour way “Life Begins After Coffee” is always ready to go.

Life Begins After Coffee

Just some thoughts to help you think about ways to keep your hands busy and nerves calm whether your appointment wait is longer than anticipated, or you are the passenger on a drive, you are always ready.
Happy Yarn Day!

November 29, 2020 — Samantha Myhre

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