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RavensWood Fibre Company is well into its fourth year of production. We can’t thank our customers enough for helping make our little company a continued success. The past year has added a fresh face to the team. Tyler (my son) is often the one that our customers have first contact with, whether that be through social media or questions directed to the shop itself. The addition of Tyler was to initially allow me time to do what I do best - dye! BUT, that has grown into so much more.

We are a unique team here at RavensWood. Although the company started as a plan to fulfill my dream of being an indie dyer part time, and to have a few chickens in a coop for fresh eggs daily on the side, it has become a family affair and a full time hobby farm. Dave has taken on the bulk of farming duty and somehow, between that and his real job as a Paramedic magically delivers and picks up the post (he is the last of our team to see your beautiful yarns off to you), make sure I have coffee and lunch and somehow still manages to surprise me with clean-up in the studio to make it ready for another day more often than not. I really don’t know when it happens but it is sometime between a well needed visit to the barn for snuggles with the lambs and my first morning coffee. I am not a morning person lol.

Tyler started with me about a year ago as a social media advisor. I remember him saying to me “Mom, I am not doing anything else!” Pfft and then he did. So the inspiration photos that you (and I) have come to love.... that’s Tyler. He is the one that makes that magic happen. I simply follow his lead and shake my head occasionally wondering how I am going to make THAT happen. Sometimes I don’t. Of course, being the man he is, time changed his want to be involved. This past February he decided he wanted to try his hand at dying. I got all excited thinking this was a time for mom to teach. But I should have known better when he pointed out to me that this would only result in making 2 of me and not allow us to grow. So, 10 skeins and a handful of dyes later, I received a text saying I am sure with a sigh, “I thought it would be easier” Be still my heart, he did still need me.

So here we are, the end of 2020. A year of trial and error, disappointment, heartbreak and a year of adaption and joy. Tyler is responsible for nearly 20% of the colours that you see in our store. He inspires many more than that. He has pushed me, pulled me, made me cry, laugh and filled my heart both as now a partner in the company and as a son, husband and father. I could not be more proud.

This is the first of a sporadic Blog that we will be adding to our newsletter. It will be a chance to share some of us with you and perhaps an opportunity to share some ideas with you about our yarns.

When you look at our yarns, we hope you see so much more than a skein. We hope you see an opportunity to be inspired. To coin a statement from a well know Canadian company “We know that you have choices our there, and we are honoured that you chose our yarns.”

Sam, Tyler and David

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