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Welcome to RavensWood Fibre Co

RavensWood Fibre Co is a collection of exquisite hand painted yarns and stories inspired by beautiful photographs and life on a wee farm in rural New Brunswick, Canada

From the connection to the land that sustains our small flocks of Icelandic/Shetland sheep and chickens, our life on the farm and in the studio is anything but simple.

When you choose one of our yarns, you have become a part of a journey. The string has travelled from sheep, to mill, to our hands, to yours and as the string travels from here to there, it has collected stories along the way.  We are honoured to be a part of your story as you are a part of ours.

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Life has a way of telling her own story in spite of your plans

David and I met at a time when neither of us were looking for a life partner. He lived in rural Nova Scotia. I lived in corporate downtown Alberta. After courting for over a year and living 4956km apart from each other, the stars and moon aligned for our happily ever after life. I traded my high heels for rubber boots to follow my heart and join David in Nova Scotia in 2016. Six years later (2022) we decided to expand our flocks of sheep and chickens and began the search for a farm with just a little more room to roam. We found that home along the banks of the Miramichi River in Lower Newcastle, New Brunswick and are living our dream life on our wee farm.

David still rants that all he wanted was a dog. I on the other hand have embraced the opportunity to redefine who I was and become who I now believe, is meant to be. I am the creative force driving the RavensWood Fibre Co story.

The studio consumes our home in one way or another and our lives have found a rhythm.  What began as “What if..?” has become a story in itself.  RavensWood is not only yarn but a way of life for us. 

My intent was never to build an empire but rather to share our experience with our customers. My greatest wish, is when you receive a skein of our yarn, you can feel the story it carries.