• A New Year

    by Samantha Myhre A New Year
    A new year has begun and I thought it was high time that I update you on how I made out with my end of year projects.
  • Try something New

    by Samantha Myhre Try something New
    For those of you following the blog, you know that there were 5 things that needed to be completed by the end of 2020, The CoPilot Cowl, The Icelandic sweater, the fleece to spin, the blanket to weave and the painting to paint.  Now the painting got a pass because it somehow slipped through the cracks of 2019 but the other 4 are targeted to finish before midnight of 2020 passes.  I am pleased to say 2/4 are complete, the cowl and the sweater.
  • Begin with the End in Mind

    by Samantha Myhre Begin with the End in Mind

    Let me tell you I am a starter! What I mean by this is in my experience as a fibre artist, I have met people, who like me love to start projects and have a heck of a time finishing. Others won’t start another project until the current project is finished and then there is the third type of person for whom neither starting or finishing is gratifying but rather the journey itself. A single project can have progress or regress and neither is of any concern. Simply the act of being in the moment with needles in hand suffices. I aspire to be in the moment with my work and although I can find that place for a brief time, invariably I return to my starter roots.

    The finisher, in my experience judges completion over the struggle of undoing in a cost versus benefit analysis that can boggle the mind of any but themselves. I have a finisher friend whom I love dearly. For her, mistakes are simply pattern variations that don’t change the wear of the project and likely she is right when she decides only she will ever see them. No judgement! She is a beautiful knitter and I for one have never seen one of her pattern adjustments that hasn’t been clearly pointed out to me by her.

  • Always Be Ready

    by Samantha Myhre Always Be Ready
    This week’s Blog is about what makes us reach for our pointy stick(s) and string. I am thrilled when I walk into an appointment and see another fellow fibre enthusiast working away on a project and part of what makes that happen is always being ready.
  • Meet The Makers

    by Samantha Myhre Meet The Makers
    When you look at our yarns, we hope you see so much more than a skein. We hope you see an opportunity to be inspired. To coin a statement from a well know Canadian company “We know that you have choices our there, and we are honoured that you chose our yarns.”